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mesa colaborativa gesab

Its global launch in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America has been well received. Its differential design and integrated technology are the keys to a high-level solution. The new GESAB collaborative table was created with a unique and differential new design intended for video conferences and small meetings. GESAB experience in the design and implementation of meeting rooms have... Read more →

personal dock gesab

The exclusive GESAB solution gives maximum accessibility to the operator in his workplace. Multiple fully customized connections. The Personal Dock is a solution developed by GESAB to facilitate the access to multiple connections to the operators in their regular workplace, as well as in meeting rooms. The operator will find in his console a place of easy access, a personal... Read more →


Essential questions and answers on UPS (part 2)

During its useful life the UPS must face innumerable challenges to guarantee the correct operation of the Data Center and the activity of the company.   What are the power supply problems? The low quality of the power supply is one of the main problems that results in data loss. When we talk about problems of this nature, the most...


Essential questions and answers on UPS

Essential at critical facilities, UPS carry out a vital service to guarantee the proper operation of equipment, prevent data loss and lengthen the useful life of the facilities. Let’s look at the definitive questions and answers in order to learn about these types of systems. What is a UPS? Put simply, a UPS is a device that, thanks to its...


Innovation at the control centers of the future at Securex 2017

GESAB will present its high technology, state-of-the-art design consoles. Ergonomics and functionality designed for security management environments. In late May, Securex 2017 will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa. Attendance is a must, to learn about the current trends of the security industry on the African continent. GESAB will attend to exhibit its latest solutions for security centers, such as...

centro hubgrade veolia gesab madrid

Veolia energy efficiency control center

  Background and Challenges Once again, Veolia relied on GESAB to carry out the installation of its new Energy Efficiency Center this time in Madrid. Following the good experience of the control room in Zamudio, Vizcaya, Veolia again sought to create a highly technological work space to manage the vast amount of information and data with which they work.  ... Read more →

control room dubai rta ec3

EC3 Command and Control Center

  Background and Challenges RTA is the organization in charge of managing the public transportation in Dubai; therefore it needed to have a control center to carry out security surveillance throughout the city. As a result, an extensive project began in which GESAB was finally able to contribute all its know-how and experience. THALES is engaged in the development of... Read more →


Cloud, Cybersecurity and Business Experience Operations Center of IKUSI

  Background and Challenges IKUSI needed improved image and interior architecture in its IKUSI ONCE unified Operations Center. The objective was to enrich the communication between its staff, optimize the spaces for the appropriate mobility of the same and to capture the leadership that IKUSI maintains in the Information Technology Sector & IOT (Internet of Things) through first-class facilities and... Read more →

data center game gesab

GAME Data Center

  Background and challenges The process of continuous improvement implemented at the company led GAME to conduct a comprehensive audit of its business plan, which resulted in finding it necessary to renovate its IT facilities in order to continue to guarantee the best services to its clients. GAME was seeking to develop a project with new facilities, in which efficiency... Read more →

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