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refrigeración líquida data center gesab

If we talk about air conditioning in the Data Centers it is undeniable that the star is air cooling. Although there are alternatives, such as liquid cooling, many are still afraid of this system, not so new, but little implemented in the daily reality of Data Centers. The data, information and Data Centers reality is, as is well known, constantly... Read more →

gestión inteligente cableado

Control centers are critical environments where a large amount of information, data, production or safety activities, among others, are managed. A simple example is a control center from which renewable energy production and consumption, its distribution, incident control in the power distribution grid, support, etc. are controlled. A very real example in which from a single space a crucial amount... Read more →


Freecooling vs Ecooling

Nowadays the cooling systems through Freecooling have emerged as an upward trend in the air conditioning installations of the DCs. These types of systems represent the only real possibility of reaching PUE values close to or below 1.2 and thus have already been contemplated by ASHRAE in its 90.4P guide for the design of Data Centers, offering objective PUE values...


Workplace ergonomics

Ergonomics is an increasingly widespread discipline in our daily lives. Its development has enabled us to have better facilities and installations that make work spaces a safer and healthier place. Efficiency is directly related to workers’ health: a healthy lifestyle and the provision of optimal work conditions will improve performance. The design of control centers and critical environments should take...


Efficient management at the control center: Micro DC and DeskWall, the definitive solution

Control rooms and centers are critical environments where infrastructures and equipment play a decisive role: nothing can fail. 24/7 interconnected work spaces where it is usually necessary to have data center facilities that supply IT support to the entire room. New solutions come about to facilitate connections and the maintenance of the room. What if we could move the data...


Custom Innovation

Carry out a customized project, personalized in every way, where the key is to listen to the client and work side by side with him, these are the foundations of the Custom Innovation philosophy developed by GESAB. Outdated technology, increased activity and demand for management of more data, physical transfer of headquarters or the exhaustion of equipment are just some...

cpd universidad extremadura gesab

University of Extremadura Data Center

  Background and Challenges The University of Extremadura needed to expand its data management and storage capacity in order to support staff and students in the face of growing demand for applications and services. Through Telefónica, GESAB was in charge of supplying the latest technology for this advanced data center.   Solution The University of Extremadura put its trust in... Read more →

data center interpublic gesab


  Background and Challenges Interpublic is a been long standing client of GESAB for over 12 years. The first contact came about after the installation of the first Data Center of the McCann Group, whose management and maintenance came to be charged to Interpublic. Throughout this time, GESAB has been in charge of the adaptations and maintenance of the different... Read more →

rfi control room gesab italia

RFI Control Center

  Background and Challenges RFI needed to renew the facilities from which all the high-speed trains on Italian territory are managed. The client entrusted GESAB again and the quality of it designs and finishes to complete the configuration of the new room. RFI and GESAB had already collaborated on previous projects for another two rooms at its head office in... Read more →

centro hubgrade veolia gesab madrid

Veolia Control Room

  Background and Challenges Once again, Veolia relied on GESAB to carry out the installation of its new Energy Efficiency Center this time in Madrid. Following the good experience of the control room in Zamudio, Vizcaya, Veolia again sought to create a highly technological work space to manage the vast amount of information and data with which they work.  ... Read more →

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