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refrigeración en aceite para data centers

The constant search for energy efficiency and cost reduction cause the Data Center world to be ever evolving and vibrant with novelties and solutions that are increasingly better. Regarding cooling methods, new tendencies are coming into play, such as cooling by immersion. Systems that are shyly being introduced to a market where everyone is waiting to give their opinion about... Read more →

Ergonomia diseno CCD

Ergonomics is the science that allows working in an efficient and healthy way in our workstation. To be able to create an ideal space, it is necessary to combine a series of conditions that include the lighting, the environment, the furniture, etc., which must match to create a perfect equilibrium. When we start developing a project, GESAB’s engineering and architecture... Read more →



5 Tips for Prolonging Data Center’s Life

Companies that have a Data Center know how important it is to keep the operation of the systems always on point, and that a failure in the data processing center could be catastrophic and cause great money losses. Properly maintaining the Data Center is always something positive for infrastructures and companies, but there are several actions that any organization can... Read more


Virtual Reality Applied to Design

Virtual reality is already a reality in our society and, although there is still a long road ahead, its presence as a tool in the business sector is growing with each passing day. When we think of virtual reality, our minds travel to videogames, which is normal given that the videogame industry is the one that started investing money to... Read more


Advantages of Enclosing the Cold Corridors for Data Centers

The right insulation of the hot and cold corridors inside a date processing center involves an improvement in the cooling system and a way of obtaining maximum performance from it. The improvement of the climate control systems leads to a reduction of electrical expenses, which also lowers negative impacts on the environment. We will now mention some of the advantages of... Read more


The Importance of the Designs of a Control Room

The design of a control room goes beyond aesthetics. It must include functionality and technology to provide the workspace with the characteristic needed to properly carry out the various activities. Each control room has specific needs and the activity carried out in it can be radically different: air control, electricity distribution, security control or manufacturing processes. This is one of... Read more

Featured Case Studies

auditoria cpd

Data Processing Center (DPC) Audit of FCG

Background and challenges From their headquarters in Rubí, Barcelona, the Government of Catalonia’s Public Railroad Company coordinates the safety, the traffic and the management of the Barcelona trains. For this reason, it is especially important to keep their DPC in the best possible conditions. The customer, always looking for improving the efficiency of its equipments, contacted with GESAB to carry... Read more →


Central Command Center Mecca

  Background and Challenges The Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia has relied on GESAB for its most emblematic and important project, Central Command Center Mecca of Mecca. The urgency of the Ministry of Interior to have the project implemented made GESAB to work on the conceptualization and execution in a very short period of time. Moreover, the large number... Read more →

abertis control room

Control Room Abertis Autopistas

  Background and Challenges GESAB and Abertis have developed different control rooms in the past for monitoring roads and highways. This experience led to Abertis to on trust GESAB for the consultancy of the design of a new control room, which was finally developed and executed also by GESAB, from the interior design to the furniture and infrastructure.   Solution... Read more →

telepresence table acciona case study

ACCIONA TelePresence tables

Background and Challenges Acciona has presence in 65 countries and has nearly 34,000 employees. Communication and team collaboration is a key aspect in the development of their business, so they decided to create in different venues telepresence rooms where different teams in different locations could work without leaving their office. After a meeting with GESAB where we made a presentation... Read more →

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