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The proper operation of Data Center systems depends on maintaining the right equilibrium of its environmental conditions. Overheating or extreme humidity conditions can produce failures in the systems and hardware components. The key is maintaining optimal conditions so that the equipment can operate at the best possible conditions and keeping the facilities controlled through environmental control systems. How must the... Read more →


GESAB puts forward comprehensive and customized solutions for NOC and SOC control centers. Virtual reality is already an essential tool to showcase all of GESAB’s innovations and projects. From September 27th to September 30th, Security Essen, the most important event for the security industry worldwide, took place, and GESAB was once again present to introduce all of their new projects... Read more →



Keypads and overview tables in a control center

A wind power plant, traffic control, airport management, industrial processes, are only some examples where control rooms are present, with completely different technical needs. When a project of this kind is addressed we must take into account the needs of each customer. What are we going to control? It is important to have all the necessary information to design a... Read more


Visitable Data Centers, the importance of image

Data centre facilities are constantly evolving in the face of continuous technological development, but does this evolution have to be contrary to aesthetics? When we talk about data centres or data centers, many people imagine rooms full of white, black or grey servers with no personality, whose machines simply perform their duty. But technology and innovation are not incompatible with... Read more


Small control centres

Not all control centres are equal, and, of course, nor are their requirements. When we talk about a control centre, we usually immediately think of large rooms and projects with a large number of operators. This is true by and large, but the reality is that many companies need to manage part of their activity, security, production, etc. efficiently, and... Read more


Robotics for data centers, the near future

When we think about robots, or robotics in general, our imagination tends to take us to cinematic futuristic spaces and visions. But the application of robotics for data centers is more a thing of the near future and is developing as we speak. Always seeking maximum efficiency and to make processes flexible, robots in a data centre can help us... Read more

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Enagás Data Center

  Background and challenges Enagás developed an active policy for improvement at its facilities and services to maintain the highest quality standards. This policy encompasses the renovation of its DPC infrastructure, which also sought a project whose needs and technical requirements complied with the best efficiency and reliability criteria. GESAB won the bid thanks to its professional proposal and by... Read more →

auditoria cpd

Data Processing Center (DPC) Audit of FCG

Background and challenges From their headquarters in Rubí, Barcelona, the Government of Catalonia’s Public Railroad Company coordinates the safety, the traffic and the management of the Barcelona trains. For this reason, it is especially important to keep their DPC in the best possible conditions. The customer, always looking for improving the efficiency of its equipments, contacted with GESAB to carry... Read more →


Central Command Center Mecca

  Background and Challenges The Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia has relied on GESAB for its most emblematic and important project, Central Command Center Mecca of Mecca. The urgency of the Ministry of Interior to have the project implemented made GESAB to work on the conceptualization and execution in a very short period of time. Moreover, the large number... Read more →

abertis control room

Control Room Abertis Autopistas

  Background and Challenges GESAB and Abertis have developed different control rooms in the past for monitoring roads and highways. This experience led to Abertis to on trust GESAB for the consultancy of the design of a new control room, which was finally developed and executed also by GESAB, from the interior design to the furniture and infrastructure.   Solution... Read more →

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