Background and Challenges

Interpublic is a been long standing client of GESAB for over 12 years. The first contact came about after the installation of the first Data Center of the McCann Group, whose management and maintenance came to be charged to Interpublic. Throughout this time, GESAB has been in charge of the adaptations and maintenance of the different technical rooms of the different agencies of the group in Spain.

The change in location meant that it was necessary to create and carry out a new DC, in order to adapt it to its current needs. Thanks to Interpublic’s high level of satisfaction with its relationship with GESAB, it again placed its trust in our company to develop an ambitious project, in which systems availability was paramount.


The new Interpublic DC is one of the greatest exponents of the Custom Innovation philosophy: working side by side with the client and the possibility of designing a custom made Data Center were the keys of the project.

GESAB was in charge of the entire project: from the design, engineering, execution to maintenance. Interpublic also put its trust in GESAB’s own solutions, such as the Eglon V2 racks, the In Row precision cooling system for high density systems, direct expansion, with inverter compressor.

Additionally, the Data Center has the supply and installation of an extinguishing and detection installation through (FM-200).

The management system and remote monitorisation of the CDP enable air conditioning, flooding, fire, UPS, board, PDU strips, temperature, humidity and the condition of rack doors.


Interpublic now has equipment capable of guaranteeing the highest standards with regard to availability and functionality. The latest technology is combined with efficient consumption at a “custom made” Data Center, the perfect example of what can be achieved thanks to Custom innovation.