University of Extremadura Data Center


Background and Challenges

The University of Extremadura needed to expand its data management and storage capacity in order to support staff and students in the face of growing demand for applications and services.
Through Telefónica, GESAB was in charge of supplying the latest technology for this advanced data center.


The University of Extremadura put its trust in GESAB’s know-how and own solutions to supply the new facilities. Among other things, 5 Eglon V2 racks, In row cooling systems were supplied. The facilities also now have 10 monitorisable and manageable PDUs.

One of the key points was the supply and installation of the monitorisation system for DPC with the capacity to generate alarms when the temperature and humidity parameters exceed pre-established limits, and to send alarm emails. It also includes signals from the cooling units, supply faults in the electrical board and a liquid leak detection system with the capacity to exactly signal the leak point through a sensor cable for a total distance of 35 metres.


The new University of Extremadura Data Center located at Cáceres now has last technology equipment, offering maximum availability to the DPC and with a high efficiency component. A University of the future with a Data Center prepared for the future.