control rooms and command centers

In GESAB we are experts in technical innovative solutions of high added value for Command Centers and Control Rooms. Our solutions are developed in any sector that has an IT room and/or without caring about the size of the company. We can develop solutions of any magnitude and urgency , from solutions based on supplies to turn-key projects.


Why a GESAB Control Room?

Criteria of design, technology and ergonomics combine to setting up a monitoring room where the proper distribution of space, lighting, acoustics and air conditioning are facing successful implementation of tasks by the user, and maximum productivity room, with a design of space that identifies the client’s corporate image. GESAB meets their current and future requirements.


Control Room Components

Technology, computer, wiring and connection systems are integrated in a multiple Control Room. Considering available space and display system, GESAB offers ergonomic solutions for consoles and control panels, video wall, KVM systems, supports for iPad and tablets, acoustic ceilings, raised floors, coatings and security system.