The most advanced
control consoles

actea control console

Adaptive central column

The first control platform with a central column capable to adapt to any operator and centralize all functions in one single and unique space, generating a free of obstacles set.

control console one operator

ACTEA consola de control con monitor de 55 control console control room

Design meets technology

The elegance of simplicity fuses with the most advanced technology. The purity of its lines hosts the most innovative future inside.

Ultimate design

Absolute functionality with the most advanced design. Simple on the outside, complete on the inside.The group work result of engineering, design and innovation.

technical furniture for control room

Consola de control Actea de Gesab - Control console

User Experience design

ACTEA is designed giving shape to the functional requirements and the most demanding ergonomic characteristics, achieving a higher satisfaction and better user experience with lower effort.

gesab actea brochure cathalogue