Beyond technology

ADVANTIS NG is the perfect machine: power and control. Durable and tactile. Technology and innovation at the service of the imagination. Creativity and efficient design for a safe environment. The latest 24/7 console designed by GESAB seamlessly integrates the experience of our industry-leading expertise on Decision and Control Rooms with the latest technological trends. With ADVANTIS New Generation everything is under control. It’s time to discover the new generation of command & control.



Design, identity and personality to take control

Designed by people for people. Sensory, emotional, intense. An experience with character.

A line suggest an idea. A stroke conceives a way of seeing the world. The ADVANTIS NG concept reflects a philosophy of life, an attitude towards the challenges and a commitment to pure design.

Communication elements

An infinite universe that comes together; it connects. Bidirectional pulses trave through the system to keep the information moving 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Intelligent professional connectivity. No matter the distance of the difficulty of the task. ADVANTIS NG is optimized for the total control.



Sit & Stand

ADVANTIS NG has been created as a part and as a whole. Modularity and flexibity are key design principles. It may be a single or collective solution, in various forms and quantities: concave, convex, semicircular, custom designed and capable of electronically height-adjustable sit-to-stand configurations for the ultimate in ergonomics design and user comfort.