Advantis Evolution

The reference in control rooms.

Experience, research, design. A permanent work of our engineers and designers in search of perfection. So it has thrived Advantis, the technical console for control and decision centers that has set the trend in the market, combining in one model innovation, functionality, elegance and solidity.


The evolution of versatility.

Available and ready to use it from the first moment. Precision full of flexibility and naturalness to suit every need, every operator in every work environment. Forms created by and for the people. ADVANTIS is a reference in the organization of technical areas with unlimited different configurations, clearly differentiating the space for computer systems and the one destined for the user.

Innovation and funtionality.

Joining the latest technology with the most innovative design and high quality. Perfect adaptation to any environment, in any industry, for any function. A new concept of control console created from a continuous model of innovation and creativity.

Ergonomcis 24/7.

ADVANTIS respond effectively to any requirement and technological 24/7 environment. Its ergonomic design facilitated all activities are carried out with maximum comfort and accuracy. People are the priority and ADVANTIS stands at the center of their existence, anticipating their needs, providing a unique experience where everything is under control.







Differentiating Elements

Features that make Advantis a unique console.

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