Data Center

Custom innovation for the design and construction of Data Center with the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and service continuity of the market.

GESAB Data Center


GESAB Custom Innovation


From the design to the implementation, innovation at each stage of the project

The GESAB process based on the feedback from different areas and an agile and prepared technical team allows us to create innovative solutions and adapt them in an efficient manner according to the project’s needs.

GESAB is at the technological forefront offering the best solutions for data centers generating ideas, providing business vision and shaping sophisticated strategies so our customers’ projects achieve success.


Innovation’s customization

The engineers team, experts in Data Centers and the ability to design and produce our own products, provides us the necessary capacity and flexibility to innovate with solutions adapted to each project and customer, with the objective of building more efficient, reliable and smart Data Centers.

What do we offer?

From the recognition of the need to the final delivery, GESAB proposes an agile and of continuous collaboration process, where knowledge and applied innovation are at the service of the project’s success. Working together with the customer, in all stages, guarantees an optimum performance and expectations compliance.

Comprehensive solutions for greater efficiency and reliability for data centers

The projects’ comprehensive approach allows us to offer the highest quality, reliability and efficiency in our solutions thanks to the feedback between the Data Center´s design, implementation and maintenance.

GESAB develops comprehensive data center projects supported by a team of engineers and architects that perform a joint work always looking for excellence both in the reliability as in the energy efficiency of the data centre. The Acredited Tier Designer (Uptime Institute) and Trusted Site Infrastructure (TÜViT) certifications vouch GESAB for its performance and knowledge, and can cover all the costumer’s needs.

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Continuous collaboration with the costumer

Our team works in ongoing cooperation with the customer since the beginning of the project, thus, we face the concept stage with the maximum guarantees and with the certainty that we are only working on those ideas that will bring greater benefits for our customers.

We needed to show a strong corporative image with out Data Center, for highlighting our commitment with Technology. GESAB developed the whole proyect and the results have been spectacular.”

Santiagó Maté Gárrido


GESAB, Product quality and design for your data center

We design meticulous products and solutions to provide the best possible experience in the data center’s design and implementation. Our design and architecture team allows us to offer differential solutions in design and with the quality and guarantee of GESAB products. A perfect combination that ensures maximum reliability and efficiency in your DC.

The convergence of own products development with the latest technologies enables us to offer innovative products and solutions to give efficient answers to critical environments.

The best warranty and maintenance focused on maximizing service continuity

Our preventive and corrective maintenance service ensures the full functioning of your data center, assuring its continuity.

Our process

Innovation at each stage of the project, from the design to the implementation. The GESAB process based on knowledge feedback and an agile and prepared technical team allows us to create innovative solutions and implement them effectively.

We manage all the Data Center’s development process, from its concept to the construction and subsequent maintenance. The comprehensive solution for your DC.






Conceptualization and design

Research and analysis of
the project’s needs

  • Definition of the current situation
  • Risk identification and strategy definition
  • Follow-up meetings and continuous collaboration with the costumer

Engineering and design

  • Concept design
  • Design and technical specification
  • In depth project presentation
  • Fluid dynamics study

Construction and Maintenance

Project’s implementation and management

  • Project management
  • Projects’ comprehensive implementation
  • Solutions test feedback
  • Projects’ analysis for continuous improvement

Maintenance service and SAT

  • 24/7 GESAB maintenance
  • Customer service

Why GESAB Data Center?


Team of expert Engineers in UPTIME and TÜV IT Data Centre


GESAB product quality


Experience in Data Centre implementation and project management


Innovation in energy efficiency


GESAB Guarantee


Differential design thanks to the architecture and design team