Cold Corridor CCNOC Eglon V2

Efficiency at the lowest cost

Using the ‘Cold Corridor’ methodology, EGLON V2 CCNoC allows for cold air to be packaged in front of the racks ensuring a uniform temperature across the whole area.

It achieves energy savings of between 20-30%.

Its implementation can be carried out in conjunction with the range of EglonV2 Server or made to measure, according to the necessities of the DPC.

Benefits that the solution contributes:

10 Years guarantee.

Temperature uniformity in all the height of the Rack.

Avoids Hot Spots and recirculations of air.

Modular Solution.

System of high quality and resistance carried out in steel, glass and methacrylate.

Control System of biometric access, RFID or remote for IP (optional).

Control system of temperature, humidity, fire, etc. (optional).

Blade Server® compatible

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