Ecooling system


Efficiency, Ecology and Safety in pure state

Ecooling is the freecooling air conditioning system for Data Processing Centers (Data Centers) that refrigerates the equipment taking advantage of the external air. A natural resource within your reach in a free way and with a surprising reduction of the expense. The System takes advantage of the enthalpy of the external air to acclimatize by means of a direct FREE-COOLING.

With Ecooling, everything is an advantage

Five decisive factors to install the system Ecooling:

Factor Observations
PUE: 1,25 annual (monthly PUE of 1,10)
DCiE: 80% annual (monthly DciE of 91%)
ROI: Amortization between 2.5 and 3 years
EFFICIENCY: Energetic saving of up to 80%
EMISSIONS: CO2 reduction, up to 54%
REDUNDANCY: Increases the working life of the prescision machines