The CPD are very specific technical facilities in those that it is necessary to fulfil rigorous environmental, energy , and safety conditions . Our experience in design and execution of data center allows us to know the critical points of these and to minimize all the possible risks to get good standards of continuity and reliability in each installation.

GESAB offers complete and personalized solutions of all the infrastructures that a data center forms. We carry out a complete study of the client’s necessities and we adapt, for each particular case, the best solution, according to the characteristics and required functions.

Our designs are protected by specific normatives s of CPD such as TIA-942 or BICSI



The safety level of a CPD doesn’t only come marked by the solution and design of the infrastructure of facilities but also by the protection capacity that is offered in the physical space that harbors it. For this GESAB carries out the study of the location and behaviour of the materials to be installed to get the most appropriate isolation levels in face of fire, possible floods and harmful atmospheres.

We use specific pladures Fog, fireproof sandwich crushed type panels , brick factory, glazings IE-120, metallic structures of reinforcement, false floors M-0, dust proof paints, doors IE-120,etc.



Our electric designs assure the maximum availability, reliability and flexibility so that, in the event of a possible failure, we always have the best available alternative and avoid in all moment the zero step. For this we work with systems TT, TN-S with isolation transformers DZ0, systems of UPS enlargeable modulares in hot, enlargeable electric switchboards in hot, systems of channels/busways distribution, extractable electric protections, etc.


Air conditioning systems

The air conditioning of a CPD is one of its biggest energy consumptions for that not only do we look for the maximum security and stability of the system, but it is necessary that it is also very efficient. For this we use technologies of direct freecoling (Ecooling), indirect freecooling, systems of interchanges of plates , adjustable EC fans , systems of packaging of cold or hot air (CCNOC), teams In Row, etc.


Fireproof Protection Systems

From our point of view, it is more important to prevent that to act on a fire when this has taken place, thus we recommend systems of precocious detection which provide that time of indispensable reaction in order to be able to avoid a bigger problem.

We have great experience in extinction systems by means of gases like FE-13, NOVEC, FM-200, INERGEN, etc. Our projects executed guarantee other systems of extinction of innocuous fires such as those of water mist with systems of smoke washing.

This system is the only one able to move away the smoke originated in a fire.



Our designs always look for the flexibility and possibility of growth anticipating the future necessities of the CPD.

We work systems of structured cabeling CAT6, CAT6a for voice nets and data, optic fiber, home automotion, cameras IP, etc.


Control Systems and Administration of Those Infrastructures

It is so important to have a good design of a CPD as it is to have the control and information of what is happening in it. For it, in GESAB we work with our own system of integral control able to be modeled to measure adapting to the necessities of each installation.

From it , we will be able at all moments to be informed of the state of air conditioning machines, UPS, Group electrogene, electric switchboards, fires centers, probes of temperature and humidity, control of consumptions and to carry out performances in remote as opening of Racks, opening of cold or hot corridors, etc.

We work solutions of control of consumptions by means of intelligent terminals as well as general software of the same Power IQ.

We have general software of control of infrastructures, administration of wiring and hardware equipment DC track.


Safety and Control of Accesses

We use the most advanced systems of control of accesses biometrics, cards, turnstiles, CCTV, detecting of presence, administration of alarms, field sensors, etc.

Also, we possess our own system with a module of control of accesses for opening of Racks and accesses to cold corridor with possibility of remote administration from iPad.