Innovation for control centres in ISE 2018

GESAB will present DeskWall, the new dynamic KVM system. The new consoles of the ACTEA Series will be the stars thanks to its design and integrated technology. A new edition of ISE will be held next February, the reference event for the audio-visual sector, integration systems and the IT industry. Once again, GESAB will be present showing the latest innovations
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Smart control centres

Control rooms are critical work environments, often with a constant activity 24/7. Places where the criticality of daily operations is vital for the proper functioning of facilities and equipment. These workspaces must have the best equipment, wiring and connections for everything to work perfectly. Spaces that we should not forget should be designed for the people who occupy them. GESAB,
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The latest solutions for control centres at Intersec 2018

GESAB will present its new generation of ACTEA Series consoles, with cutting-edge materials. The new digital KVM system has come to revolutionise control centres, discover the DeskWall. GESAB will attend a new edition of Intersec. The most important safety event held in the Middle East that will take place between January 21 and 23 in Dubai. During the 2018 edition,
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Deskwall, ergonomics and health at work

The rooms and critical control environments are places with an intense work activity that, in many occasions, imply 24/7 continuous activity. Despite having rotating workdays, operators face a daily work with a lot of stress and that sometimes involves a very high sedentary lifestyle. All very negative conditions for their health. GESAB has developed the new dynamic KVM system, the
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Welcome to the era of the hybrid cloud

We are facing a constant evolution in terms of the perspectives and demands of the IT world. The development of new technologies together with the growing avalanche of generated data, as well as everything relating to the Internet of Things and Edge Computing make us reconsider the current architecture of our businesses with regard to the IT field. Hybrid cloud
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GESAB’s design and technology present in a new edition of Intertraffic Mexico

GESAB will show its essence in one of the most important mobility and traffic exhibitions worldwide in INTERTRAFFIC MEXICO 2017. The balance between design and technology is the pillar that distinguishes the commitment that GESAB adapts to each one of its clients. Thus, from November 15 to 17 at the CitiBanamex Mexico City center, attendees will be able to observe
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Control Rooms Summit Colombia: Success Factors for Control Centers

GESAB will participate in the event specialized in the understanding and execution of good practices for Control and Decision Centers. On November 15th and 16th a new edition of Control Room Summit will take place in Bogota. An exhibition where visitors will have the opportunity to meet suppliers, products and the latest technologies and solutions in the monitoring centers sector.
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Global Switch presents its new Data Centre project with virtual reality by GESAB

Thanks to the VR technology developed by GESAB, Global Switch customers have been able to know the future installations of more than 1000 square metres. The use of virtual reality is increasingly widespread. We have taken a qualitative leap from the video-games sector to take full advantage of its potential in other types of industries and businesses. The capacity it
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Social Media control rooms

Today, the power that social media and people exercise over brands and businesses is undeniable. Communication has reached its highest expression and no one doubts the importance of listening and understanding what the user wants. Social media control centres are opening a gap as an essential space in large corporations that want to know in real time what is said
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