Technical characteristics of a Data Center (Part 1)

What are the most important parts in a data center? What technical characteristics must all and every element comprising the facilities of a DC comply with. Having the latest technology and best services are always a guarantee of quality in order to achieve the best result in a data center. Complying with regulations and standards in force is a requirement
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Control Rooms for Critical Environments

There are numerous control centers that are considered critical spaces, whether for the continuous 24/7 service they provide or for the responsibility and complexity of the services or activities they control and regulate. The continuity of the services they provide is crucial for the normal operation of companies and processes that affect the everyday life of a large number of
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GESAB will be present at the sixth edition of the Smart Energy Congress, presenting the latest novelties for Data Centers

GESAB will participate with a presentation on the concept of Custom Innovation applied to a Data Center within the Corporate Data Center Expo space. Comprehensive solutions for Data Centers, innovation and much more for this edition of Enertic 2017. On March 15th and 16th, Madrid will once again host the sixth edition of the Smart Energy Congress organized by Enertic.
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The future of air traffic control centers is presented at ATM 2017

The new generation of air traffic control consoles will be present thanks to the ACTEA series. The new generation of KVM, the DeskWall system designed by GESAB will be one of the novelties at the fair. GESAB will participate for another year in the event called ATM World Congress 2017 dedicated to the industry of air traffic control and safety
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How Studying Computational Fluid Mechanics Can Help our Data Center

The study of Computational Fluid Mechanics is based on the study of the behavior of fluids and gases within a controlled environment, such as the one found in Data Centers. The programs use numbers and algorithms to analyze and solve problems related to the flow of substances and gases. Using computers, the interactions of liquids and gases over projected surfaces
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Nebulized water, a safe option for your Data Center

When choosing a fire protection system for our Data Center facility, there are several parameters we must consider, besides choosing the best possible option from the wide range of possibilities available today. Nebulized water is one of the options; however, do we truly understand its advantages? Nebulized water is a solution based in tiny water particles, the size of which
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GESAB culminates its disruptive proposal for control centers at ISE 2017

The “guarantee of future” proposed by GESAB is not only evident in the quality of its proposals, but also in the vision of future and the innovation systematically implemented throughout the company, which make GESAB a leader and a trendsetter for the years to come. GESAB’s vision of the evolution of control centers led to the launch, in 2014, of
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Technical floor, the principle of efficiency in Data Centers

The technical floor, presently featured in most Data Center projects, is a versatile, modular and scalable solution that helps optimizing the entire infrastructure of the Data Center. The wiring, the fire protection system, the power supply lines and the refrigerated air distribution, among other applications, are all fitted under the raised technical panels. The Air Driving Floor raised technical floor
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