Innovation, technology and design define GESAB’s history. More than 25 years offering comprehensive solutions for critical 24/7 environments, control centers and data centers.

More than 25 years improving the world we live in

GESAB was established in 1991 to provide new technical solutions for critical 24/7 work environments. Through these 25 years, GESAB has grown to become a point of reference in the entire world.

GESAB’s structure includes the processes of design, manufacture and installation, both for control center projects and data processing center projects. Our global reach makes it possible to complete turnkey projects that are 100% customized to meet the client’s needs.

GESAB has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico and a multidisciplinary team that has developed comprehensive projects around the world.

Our Five Cornerstones


1. Cutting-Edge Technology

Always at the heart of innovation, GESAB offers its clients solutions based on the most advanced technology for any of the environments in which we work: for control rooms, data centers and meetings rooms as well as for all of their components, developing or own technology, made by GESAB, to offer the best possible solutions to our clients.


2. Innovative Design

Balance, functionality, esthetics and ergonomics in all the work we develop. Design is the base premise for the creation of the best possible solution. GESAB’s team works always with this in mind, achieving worldwide recognition for our innovative and disruptive designs.

Technology integrates to this design in order to serve people.


3. Safety

Safety is a key element around which the design of the spaces and the equipment are adapted. Safety understood as the way to offer maximum work ergonomics, guaranteeing the activity of the operators, maintenance and cleaning crews as well as of all the personnel that interacts with the equipment, always looking for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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4. Integration Capabilities

The integration of equipment, technology and spaces in order to create a work environment that offers maximum performance and functionality. GESAB’s team performs a conceptualization study of the spaces and facilities always looking for balance and effectiveness. Our customization capabilities allow us to adapt to any future technology.


5. Service

From the initiation of a project to its maintenance, passing through its development and execution, GESAB walks beside the client at every step of the way. That way, it guarantees that the project satisfies all of the needs expressed by the client at the early stages, paying close attention to every stage until the delivery of the turnkey project and even during post-sale service. We are at our client’s service.


Traffic & Transport
Industry & Comsuption
Public Administration
Health Service
Security & Defense
Telecom & Media


GESAB offers know-how and experience to a borderless interconnected global market. From its offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico, GESAB has presence in the entire world and has become a point of reference in the control room and data center industry.

Its international activities and its presence in the most important fairs and conventions of the security, transportation and technology sectors have allow GESAB to develop projects in places such as Dubai, the United States, Brazil and South Africa, bringing our solutions to the five continents.

The company’s activity is reflected in sectors as varied as transportation, energy, consumer products, health care, finances, security and defense, telecommunications, media and public administration.
Among the comprehensive solutions offered by GESAB there is a catalog with a wide range of possibilities in which technology and ergonomics are always present. The development of our own technology is also a key element when it comes to offering the clients the best possible solutions for their individual challenges.

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GESAB’s line of business

Command and Control Centers

A control room designed and executed by GESAB is a guarantee of quality and functionality. Our team is in charge of combining the disciplines of interior design, architectural design and engineering, to properly distribute space, lighting, acoustics and air conditioning systems. It all comes together to offer innovative solutions of high added value for control centers of any size in any sector.

GESAB has grown to offer complete and comprehensive solutions for critical environments for both control centers and data centers. Complete and comprehensive projects that satisfy all of the client’s needs in a global market.

IT Data Processing Centers

Quality performance and technology with our own products and solutions for data centers. We are a point of reference in the execution of large-scale projects and we have a certified and competitive team to provide al DPC services.

We carry out comprehensive data processing center projects from their conceptualization to their execution and maintenance. We look for reliability and energy efficiency in all of our projects. At GESAB, we work to generate ideas, provide a business point of view and put together sophisticated strategies so that our client’s projects achieve success.

Audiovisual and Domotics

Complements and elements for control rooms. Turnkey projects with all of the equipment and installations that offer top performance for 24×7 environments.

Audiovisual solutions for control rooms and control centers as well as large spaces, at GESAB we know no limits. We have at our disposal the most advanced audiovisual technology and the most diverse array of options to adapt it to different spaces and needs. Solutions such as LCD Wall, Video Wall, screens, projectors and domotics.

Corporate Rooms

Design of meeting rooms, telepresence rooms and crisis rooms. At GESAB, we develop projects that make the decision making process easier and improve the communication experience in all kinds of situations.

We take customization to its fullest allowing for the inclusion of corporate image elements into the rooms in order to reinforce the image of the brand. Complete design of workspaces adapted to the needs of each company.

Special Projects

GESAB’s multidisciplinary team, formed by specialized and certified architects and engineers, study the projects in a completely personalized.

Each of the projects we take one is considered unique by GESAB. From the moment we start to work with a client, we focus on identifying needs and offering solutions that are both comprehensive and profitable. Our team of engineers develops a customized work from design through execution to maintenance.