Each step toward the excellence is fundamental for us. For that reason, GESAB has one of the most modern production centers in the sector.

The most advanced technology and the most innovative processes take our products to the highest bench marks in quality, without straying from the path of the respect to the environment.

Work Methodology

In the whole process of production we base ourselves on the methodology of horizontal industrial process that is carried out following the procedures of quality according to the ISO normative implanted in our company:


Technical Office


Here takes place the transition between the conceptual design and the technical projection, using the concept of concurrent engineering.

The concurrent engineering is a systematic effort for an integrated design, concurrent of the product and of its corresponding process of production and of service.

We seek, from the beginning, to keep in mind all the elements of the cycle of life of the product, from the conceptual design to their availability, including quality, cost and the client necessities.

This involves the coordinated and simultaneous work of the diverse departments of the company: engineering of the product, engineering of the process, production, quality, distribution, etc.


The production is carried out using the selected systems and productive processes distributed in the following sections:


Metallic transformation section


Automated section


Welding section


Painting and finishes section


Booths section


Surfaces section

Assembly and Postioning

The experience of a professional team for the union of all the pieces that generate a product, from the steel to the glass, from the wood, the aluminium and an infinitive number of elements and components that are necessary to obtain the best final product..



Validation and Distribution

The strictness of our quality controls, the validation of the processes and the traceability of the products, allow us to offer an exclusive 10 year guarantee.



The care of each piece, the study of the packaging and a transport thought for each product. This is a guarantee for the future.