Mission,Vision and Values



Conceptualization, engineering, design and execution of integral projects for critical 24×7 environments, such as control centers and data process centers (data centers).

GESAB provides innovative solutions of high added value and with a highly qualified professional team.



GESAB is a different form of seeing the managerial activity. It is an attitude before the present and future challenges. Our company has known how to evolve and to adapt to the necessities of the market during more than 20 years and, at the present time, it is growing and evolving to the rhythm that the technology and the necessities of our clients mark.



Professionalism, honesty, humility, dynamism, innovation, originality, quality and service are concepts that are part of our DNA. We were born with them and, thanks to them, we evolve and we improve every day. This is our best bet of the present time to be a GUARANTEE OF THE FUTURE.