Innovation as our inspiration and the fact that we execute and control our manufacturing processes have made GESAB an international point of reference in the control room and data center industry.


GESAB´s strategy is based on innovation. We innovate in the development of all of our designs and projects. The fact that we have a multidisciplinary team experienced in areas such as engineering, architecture and design allows us to tackle any challenge.

GESAB Manufacturing

GESAB makes a difference favoring quality in all of our projects. The fact that we manufacture all our products in Spain is one of the key aspects of our success. It provides us with autonomy, flexibility and complete control over each stage of the process to guarantee quality. From our facilities in Barcelona, we manufacture GESAB’s products and distribute them to the rest of the world.

A team of professionals that includes engineers and designers, and even technicians and operators that help us bring to life unique pieces of the most advanced technology that serve as foundation for GESAB’s comprehensive solutions. Materials, shapes and designs chosen by the team to produce cutting-edge consoles and DPCs that function with maximum energy efficiency. The same applies to the numerous components that complete each project.

GESAB also guarantees that its management systems in all of its processes and facilities are designed to minimize environmental impact and follow the ISO 14001 standard. Sustainability and technology go hand in hand.

GESAB works following a method that allows it to develop customized project. It begins by performing a preliminary study and design that, once approved, is the basis for all manufacturing, assembly and validation processes.


Innovation is also present in GESAB’s manufacturing processes, which has been able to generate a network of collaborators and create a strong connection and communication that allows to feed back the entire production cycle.

We refer to a network of inter-suppliers and suppliers that provide the true raw material of GESAB: components, accessories, wiring, etc. And lastly the specialists that make it possible for the consoles and data centers developed by GESAB to have the latest technology thanks to their contributions: aluminum, phenolic, plastic injectors, electrical, etc.

GESAB integrates all its collaborators in the same network around the Gesab Manufacturing & Hub Facilities of Barcelona, which allows to achieve incredible improvements in the processes of quality and the highest standards of efficiency and performance.


Technical Office

From the technical office, we make the transition from the conceptual design to realization at a technical level. The project begins taking shape and the coordinated and simultaneous work of the different departments becomes relevant. The process includes teams of product engineering, process engineering, production, quality, distribution, etc.

At this stage of the process, the technical office considers all of the elements of the product’s life cycle, from the conceptual design to the execution and delivery, including quality, costs and the client’s needs.

At this point, it is very important to understand the client’s needs in order to develop a customized project that would meet the client’s expectations and deliver a solution that is both profitable and effective.

Production, Set Up and Assembly

Our production systems guarantee that we always deliver on our promise of quality. GESAB has several divisions where we manufacture all of the components and pieces we need. Among said divisions, we can count the metallic transformation division, the mechanized division, the welding division, the paint and finishing division, and the cabins and surfaces divisions.

The development of our technical expertise and the attention to detail of our engineering team lead to the creation of high quality customized pieces for the different projects we handle. Our technicians set up and assemble the pieces to form the components of our projects.


Validation and Distribution

After going through the design, production and construction phases, GESAB’s team performs internal quality assurance processes to each of the parts manufactured. In addition, it considers the validation of the processes and the traceability of the products.

These exhaustive and demanding controls allow us to offer our clients equipment and systems of the highest quality, built to last.

We are also very careful about our shipping process. From the production in Barcelona to the delivery in any corner of the world, we pay close attention at every step of the way. We make sure the packaging and the transportation methods are suitable for the safe delivery of the final product. We take every precaution so that GESAB products arrive in optimal conditions.

GESAB Quality

GESAB has been awarded the most important certifications that guarantee the high quality of our work. Both in the development of Control Center and Data Center projects, GESAB’s work is always aimed at excellence, and this is backed by the most demanding entities.

Team Solutions

Collaborating with partners, providers, manufacturers and independent professionals make it possible for GESAB to offer a comprehensive catalog of solutions and to be able to tackle any project in any place of the world. In our effort to provide comprehensive solutions in all of our projects, we look to collaborate with some of the most renowned companies in the world in their respective fields, making GESAB’s solutions a guarantee of future.