GESAB is a conceived managerial project and developed with illusion and humility, with a vision of long term sustainability bound to an unbeatable behaviour of the company with its responsibilities, so much environmental, as professionals and social.

Through our commitment to society, we work respecting the environment.

We have established a management system in each process and installation of the company in order to minimise the environment impact. This system includes the analysis of the life cycle of the product and the packaging, environmental assessment for suppliers and the realization of environmental control plans in each product. We use an environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 normative.

Compromiso con la sostenibilidad

sostenibilidad-y-medio-ambiente (1)

GESAB and the Sponsor a Tree Foundation signed on March 11th 2011 the agreement of collaboration for which GESAB sponsors 1000 trees during a minimum of 5 years. The main objective is to contribute its support to the creation of a unique natural space that links the citizen with the nature and is reflective of its importance for our lives.

The global project consists in the recovery of the adult forest mass, inside the Property Salonillos, affected as consequence of the fire which occurred in July of 2005 in the area of Alto Tajo in Guadalajara.

GESAB as a collaborating company of the Foundation, and with the intention of promoting the project with success, began in the campaign “More Trees, Less Co2” and it will propose as sponsors to its clients and collaborators of the company, contributing value to the cause, adding them to this great environmental project that they propose.


The Foundation Sponsor a Tree will donate the help received to the environmental, educational and rural development project commissioned in the Dehesa de Salonillos that has a surface of 2.800 hectares where they will endow the facilities of the Complex of Environmental Education with classrooms, museum and exhibition rooms, investigation areas and leisure equipment, among other uses.

The action is a sample of the commitment of GESAB, a company that offers integral solutions for projects of control centers, data centers and technological environments of high added value, always to the vanguard of the technology, of the production, of the integration and of the design of technological environments, and at the same time, prioritizing the enormous respect that it has with the environment.

This collaboration of GESAB with the Foundation unites to the responsibility of the company with the environment and the society.