Talent and teamwork are two basic concepts that help us understand how days go by at GESAB. These concepts are key to the formation of new ideas and the creation of solutions.


GESAB: people at the core

Betting on people is what has made GESAB what it has come to be: an international company, always at the cutting-edge of technology and a point of reference in the industry. Talent and innovation are key to developing new strategies and ways of understanding things, of finding new solutions.

The multidisciplinary team at the core of GESAB is able to develop entire “turnkey” projects where everything is controlled and executed in detail. Each element is customized in order to offer solutions adapted to each client’s needs. The disciplines of industrial design, architecture, interior design, engineering, computer science and graphic design are all represented in GESAB’s team, making it possible to develop entire comprehensive projects.

A program to select and maintain the best professionals and their effort and drive to overcome challenges allow us to achieve constant improvements and provide an expanded and experienced point of view when approaching a new project, which leads to systematic innovation and comprehensive solutions.

Talent, within GESAB and our outside assets, is the key to our innovation system. We are guided by the know-how of a multidisciplinary team and by our relationships with demanding clients who are our partners and allies as well as leaders in their respective fields. We work with providers, manufacturers and independent professionals capable of offering us top quality and innovation. That is what GESAB is all about.