DATAWALL is the knowledge that commits GESAB to lead and offer cutting-edge technological display proposals, placing people at the centre to transform these solutions into an integrating element.


MicroLED. The future is now reality

MicroLED technology has reached levels of excellence never seen, not only by the nano technology used, but by the high performance. Extraordinary features such as the extreme uniformity of the screen, the amazing angles of vision, the scalability, durability and endless features that make this technology of the future a reality.

Main characteristics
Pixel Pitches From 0,7 to 1,9 mm
Display distance From 1,4 m
Touch solutions Upon request
Scalability Infinite
Operability 24/7×365

Rear projection. Performance and operability

The rear-projection wall screens for Video Wall with Laser or Led technologies for controlling centres and technical areas generating professional environments with 24/7 × 365 operability.

Main characteristics
Screen sizes 50”, 60” and 70”
Operability 24/7×365
Resolution Full HD
Backlight technologies LED or Laser
Electronics External

LCD Video Walls. Dynamic minimalism

Our solutions for Video Walls with LCD technology cover a wide range of sizes, resolutions and technologies. Three differential elements that define high-performance products: almost imperceptible bevels, revolutionary assembly systems and automatic calibration.

Main characteristics
Screen sizes From 46“ to  55”
Operability 24/7
Resolutions Full HD
Bezel/ GAP From 1,7 to 5,5 mm
Electronics External

Large format screens, a new audio-visual language

A wide and complete range of large format LCD screen solutions with extraordinary image quality, offering reliability and professionalism. Large format screens are an integrating element for an infinite number of uses, spaces and environments.

Main characteristics
Screen size Desde 43“ hasta 98”
Resolution Full HD y 4K Ultra HD
Controls IR, RS-232, LAN, Keypad
Operability Hasta 24/7
MultiTouch solutions Upon request

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Smart Solutions
from engineering to integration

Dynamic intelligence

DeskWall allows providing the facilities with an efficient control system, where the technology is at the service of the user. Launch content, control information, sound, source screen size and many more options now available from a simple interface with great usability.


Team solutions

GESAB collaborates with partners, manufacturers and different professionals to offer the client a wide catalogue with the latest solutions in the audiovisual field. DataWall, the commitment of an entire company to develop projects anywhere in the world with the highest standards of quality and service, a guarantee for the future.