Data Processing Center (DPC) Audit of FCG

Background and challenges

From their headquarters in Rubí, Barcelona, the Government of Catalonia’s Public Railroad Company coordinates the safety, the traffic and the management of the Barcelona trains. For this reason, it is especially important to keep their DPC in the best possible conditions.

The customer, always looking for improving the efficiency of its equipments, contacted with GESAB to carry out a global audit to its facilities. The challenge that the GESAB team faced was executing a comprehensive inspection that would help determine the real status of the DPC and guarantee the continuous operation of the service.



The GESAB engineering team carried out a comprehensive audit of the DPC facilities in three phases. This involved the inspection of different aspects such as climate control, electricity, fire prevention, safety, security and telecommunications.

During the audit’s first phase, data were collected in the field for three days. On the second phase, the data were analyzed using software specifically designed for the calculation of lighting and fluid dynamics among other aspects. On the third phase of the process, conclusions were drawn that would help produce the final report presented to the client.



GESAB was able to provide the client with a comprehensive report of the operating status of the CPD in order to evaluate the actions that would be implemented in the future.

The results and the quality of the report helped reinforce the trust that the client had already invested in GESAB and opened doors for future collaborations and projects.