Background and Challenges

From the CECOER (Renewable Energy Control Center) located at Sarriguren, Navarra, Acciona carries out real-time supervision of renewable energy facilities that account for more than 11,500MW from 19 countries across the 5 continents.

The old Video Wall of its control center needed an update given that it had surpassed its life cycle after being in uninterrupted operation for more than 13 years. GESAB had already gained the client’s trust after having installed two telepresence rooms for the client in Madrid and Barcelona, besides having designed and executed their Renewable Energy Control Center in Mexico City.


Acciona decided to bet once more on innovation and equipped its facilities with the latest technology. The old Video Wall was replaced with a new one comprised of 12 4×3 LED cubes that includes NoGap lenses. These new glass lenses allow for the reduction of the gap between the screens to a minimum space thanks to the elimination of dimensional changes. In addition, these new screens are more robust, they are built to withstand earthquakes with the added benefit of being easy to clean.



The CECOER center now features comprehensive cutting-edge facilities. GESAB’s best practices, the quality of its designs and its ability to execute customized projects have been key in establishing an ongoing collaboration with Acciona, one that can, without a doubt, extend to future projects.