Control Room for integral water cycle FACSA

Background and Challenges

FACSA has entrusted the design and implementation of Control Center in Castellon (Spain) to GESAB. They needed to have a working tool in line with its commitment to innovation and technological development, so that the design, adaptability to their own needs future of the control room was key. This center is the key point for managing the  water service offeringto  thousands of people, being therefore a step in the way they work for maximum customer satisfaction.



In order to optimize the space with maximum ergonomics we chose to create curves consoles for some of the control rooms while maintaining visibility of the 80 cubes videowall. Specific control consoles for group work and 8 operators capacity consoles desk were designed for this project.
Customization of all technical furniture offered the best solution to the requirements of the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia, including visual ergonomics with Dataflex monitors arm.


Deadlines were met and in one month GESAB was delivering the first batch of control consoles, applying all our know-how in control rooms and also doing consultancy work in interior design and materials. Local installers were trained in GESAB offices in Spain, in addition to sending supervisors to monitor the work to ensure a perfect assembly of all technical furniture. The development of engineering and design of custom consoles met the special needs of the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia.