Comprehensive DPC project at Expert Timing


Background and challenges

The DPC requested by a client such as Expert Training was a complex equipment that had to have vast computing capacity to carry out massive amounts of complex operations and calculations. GESAB intervened at the necessity to update the DPC guaranteeing service continuity and providing a personalized attractive look for the visitors of the Data Processing Center.


We finally opted for the closure of cold and warm aisles in the DPC, using the GESAB CCNOC system, integrating the climate control in the aisle though In Row units. We also decided to use a fake floor with transparent tiles to show the wiring connecting the different pieces of equipment, complemented by led lighting inside the aisles. Moreover, GESAB integrated a unique alarm system.



From the very beginning, the work was carried out by GESAB in close collaboration with the client, which allowed for the construction of a project completely customized to their technical and cosmetic needs. The project developed by GESAB for Expert Timing constitutes and example for the DPC industry regarding how design and functionality can come together to provide great performance and successful show business.