Itaipú Control Room

Background and challenges

Itaipu Binacional has distinguished itself for remaining at the forefront with regard to technology and with this project was seeking to innovate in the proposal for the IT/MD Superintendency Monitoring Station on both sides of the hydroelectric dam, the Paraguayan one and the Brazilian one.

Itaipu Binacional required last generation operating and display equipment with 24/7 environment technology. GESAB’s objective in this project was to develop the operations of the IT/MD Superintendency Monitoring Station. It was necessary to have a display infrastructure (video wall) where the intention was to more efficiently monitor all the services offered by the IT Superintendency, in accordance with any events and alerts or conditions that require special attention to avoid impact on the performance of the service to the end user.



This is why, in order to strengthen the infrastructure, multiple technological, IT, wiring and connection systems were incorporated. Taking into account the layout of the space and the display system, an ergonomic solution was proposed, with 2 Advantis NG consoles for a total of 4 operators, and a video wall with a 3X2 55” LCD screen (6 screens) arrangement.

The corporate image was taken care of by developing the company’s logo on the side covers of the control consoles, thereby reinforcing brand identity.



As a result, the Itapú station has a monitoring center at which connectivity and efficiency in its surveillance and preventative monitoring capacity have improved, along with the immediate reaction by those in charge of the area of each of the NOCs at the hydroelectric dam.