Lleida University


Background and challenges

The moving of the Lleida University facilities forced the moving of the old DPC that presented some overheating problems. Also, due to the demands of the university, there was a need to develop a totally new DPC.

The main challenge faced by the GESAB team on this project was working on a historical and protected building, with the difficulty of making a large electrical installation in this environment.


GESAB carried out the moving of the old DPC, rehabilitating it and updating it as needed. Our team also fulfilled the installation of a totally new DPC that could receive visitors, for which an access control system was installed.

The new DPC has 30 racks EGLON V2 with electrical power of 160 KVAs with 2N redundancy and the corresponding structured wiring.

A false floor was installed through which the conditioned air circulates to refrigerate the room. The system features direct expansion precision and N+1 redundancy.

Regarding the facilities, it is worth mentioning that they are fire resistant and a fire early detection system, a standard fire detection system and an automatic fire extinguishing through gas FE-13 system were installed. To conclude the security measures, the DPC has an alarm monitoring system.



GESAB was able to successfully complete the project within the established timeframe. Moreover, a balanced was achieved between the installation of state-of-the-art equipment and the preservation of the aesthetics and the proper conditions of and old, historic and protected building.

The University of Lleida now has a DPC capable of fast responses, efficiency and durability, equipped with the latest climate control and fire protection systems. A facility to successfully respond to the constant demands of its activity.