Procter & Gamble

Background and challenges

The development of technology and new needs in control centers have led to P&G to completely renew its control room in Spain. The project required a comprehensive renovation, since elements such as technical floors, ceilings, air conditioning machines, control consoles and audiovisual solutions were completely replaced or relocated, making the room a visitable place with a completely new and stunning design. The main challenge was the time available for the implementation of the project, which should be less than a month by internal requirements of P&G. which conditioned the entire project.



The commercial department worked closely with engineers, architects and interior designers to offer the composition for a perfect control room space. The Advantis series was chosen for its versatility, customizing it to fit perfectly in the proposed design and according to their functionality, including monitors and industrial keypads. But before that, the room should be adapted, removing the old furniture and working on the ceiling and floor, walls, cladding and decorative elements. The control console was designed with a curved shape for two operators including a meeting table, thus adapting to the display system, an ultra-thin LCD-LED frame, which was installed in the control room.

Benefits and advantages

The coordination and organization of the entire GESAB team with P&G made possible to complete the control room renovation within the time provided. All systems were fully integrated. The curved design of the console and display system optimized the space, creating a differentiator element within the premises of P&G, in addition to have now ergonomics element that improved the performance and comfort of operators.