Data Processing Center SELAE


Background and challenges

The evolution of this industry forces the SELAE to have a computer infrastructure capable of managing the sales process, handle massive amounts of information, as well as guaranteeing service continuity.

The SELAE has two DPC and, on 2007, the organization hired GESAB to update their Madrid based DPC to improve its capacity and availability, guaranteeing an uninterrupted service during the whole process.



GESAB executed the process “live”, renovating the exterior and changing the DPC with civil construction works (changing of flooring, roofing and dividing walls), and the electrical distribution, including the low voltage electrical panels.

We also enabled an inlet for an external generator, two independent lines with modular 250kVA UPS (50kVA modules) with their corresponding battery systems, fire detection through early aspiration and extinguishing system through nebulized water with fumes cleansing on the false floor, renovation of precision climate control equipment and alarm system, including the operator room of the data center.



GESAB carried out the job guaranteeing the service continuity and improving the DPC’s performance. We added to the preexisting DPC all of the installations needed for its proper performance, increasing its capacity up to 250kVA and expanding its area to 200 m2 of DPC and technical room.