Control consoles

A new concept of control consoles based on ergonomics and design, consoles that place the operator in the center of the control room.

GESAB Control consoles

GESAB has been offering solutions for control centers for more than 25 years, with solutions where concepts such as innovation, design and customization of the control consoles prevail, which are created specifically for each project and every need.

Control consoles for the operator

ACTEA console gesab

The first control console with central column able to adapt to each operator and centralize all functions in a single space, generating an unobstructed set.

The most versatile console designed by GESAB integrates the experience of a leading company, the know-how in control and decision rooms and the latest technology.

Advantis NG console GESAB
Advantis console gesab

The technical console for control and decision centers that has set the bar for the market, bringing together innovation, functionality, elegance and solidity in a single model.

A clean and organized work space for air traffic control or even industrial management functions, free of distractions and with great accessibility to different connections; it’s about improving the ergonomics of the operator.

Actea atc gesab console
adn console gesab

Balance between functionality and aesthetics. A console for a single operator. Sensations and efficiency that converge on a single platform.

Technical furniture for control centers

GESAB specializes in the design and manufacture of technical furniture for control rooms. All of its designs are based on the highest standards of ergonomics and safety to ensure an optimum and functional work environment that meets customer expectations and needs.

Ergonomics and safety

A new concept of control consoles is born, which reflects the philosophy of the brand, in the quality of the finishes, the integrated technology and its design of clean, elegant and pure shapes. The technical furniture has been developed to make its full access to installers, operators, maintenance and cleaning personnel easier, so that the console is fully functional and accessible under all circumstances.

ergonomics control console

Custom control consoles

The key is customization, the ability to develop custom projects tailored to the client, unique projects. GESAB’s technical furniture is able to adapt to the highest demands. This ability to adapt allows us to create corporate spaces, play with the brand image and make of the control center another means of communication in the company.

24/7 technological environments

The series of control consoles developed by GESAB combine technology and functionality. Designed to organize high-performance 24/7 technological environments with a high added value, they have the ability to adapt to each operator and centralize all functions in a single space.

control consoles gesab

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