ADN+, the console that redefines the standards in high-performance control centers, designed to meet the demands of 24/7 operating environments.


Flexibility at the operator’s position

GESAB presents a new concept of technical control console designed to optimize the organization of the most sophisticated and advanced technological environment. A control console for a single operator. Sensations and efficiency come together in a single platform.

Ergonomics and Anthropometry

ADN+ has been designed to meet the requirements of a 24/7 operating environment, optimizing the platform for all sequences of use: technical installers, operators, maintenance technicians, cleaners. Ergonomics that maximize the physical and sensory dimensions.


A new operative console concept 24/7

Space System

The flexibility of the design allows the adaptation of the console to the preference of each operator. The area of operations is based on functional criteria defining a new concept of 24/7 control console.


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Areas of activity

The space system defines two areas of activity in the work of the operator, dimensioned according to scope ranges and positions of comfortable use, and a separate space for maintenance operator. Three areas of interaction with users slightly inclined to favor the ergonomic suitability.


Sensory Technology

ADN+ is technology at its best. Materials and shapes to suit your senses. Great usability in each specific area, creating a unique visual and tactile language.

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