Differential Items


Technical Areas

Integration of specific connections for the operator. Space reserved for storage and connectivity needs of each operator. Perfectly integrated into the control console, leave the basic operator area completely free of connections and cables. A breakdown by sectors according to the different functions of each user guarantees the continuity of operations in the control console.

Angles Generating System

Provides an adjustment range of 0 to 45 degrees between consoles, guaranteeing all types of configurations. It facilitates cable management modules of different channels through the support system integrated in the design.



Structural System

Guarantees the adaptability of the system to the most demanding requirements by incorporating key elements such as the covered area service. Under the structural beam is placed a multipurpose area for diverse equipment, offering the advantage of having direct access to the wiring through the horizontal beam for distribution and connection.

Technical Service Area

Located in the back of the horizontal beam, it ensures a comprehensive management of wiring and connections. The space is designed for optimal management, fully configurable according to customer needs connecting computers and communications to the console. It also includes the steel columns for the perfect organization of the excess cable. Easy access for a perfect maintenance.



Technical Cabinet

Multifunctional space. Round shapes. Minimalist design. Great space to store documents or personal belongings, perfectly integrated into the visual set of ADN+. A perfect accessory for high performance control and decision centers.


Accessibility, capacity and global communication with technical areas. All components involved in wiring and connection management teams have direct and easy access for the technician. The vertical column is easily accessible via a covered with magnets to ensure rapid access to the structure, which also includes accessories that improve electrification.



Visual Ergonomics

It is an essential element for operators when carrying out its mission in an optimal environment. The ergonomic rail arms system for monitor can be adapted to any setting with perfect visual ergonomics, ensuring a perfect viewing for 24/7 environment.


Details that make the difference. Integrated solutions in a balanced design where lines converge with concepts, materials with emotions. Ergonomics, efficiency and safety for the operator to take control. This exclusive system is configured with integrated lighting LED beacons, prepared to respond to the highest standards of security and functionality.