Differential Items



It is the backbone of the control console. It fixes the structure and leads and distributes power and data cabling. Its amplitude can house inside KVM, thin client computers or any other electronic equipment.

1_NEXUS_GATENexus Gate

The ADVANTIS New Generation system favor maximum connectivity with an optimal wiring organization. Its modular design adapts to all requirements and configurations of 24x7x365



ICO_Brazo_Wi4D_COLVisual Ergonomics

The new and exclusive arms systems put cables away from the operator, hide them from view, leaving the operational area free. They fit all viewing needs and enhance the work with 4 dimensions ergonomics.

ICO_Area_Op_Flotante_COLFloating Work Surface

In a place of high demand, the ADVANTIS New Generation console isolates the operator in a safe and healthy environment, free from vibration, thanks to the floating work plane




A unique illumination system with LED beacons designed to meet safety and functionality requirements. In any situation, everything remains under control.

ICO_Personal_Dock_COLPersonal Dock

A space for personal effects and operator connectivity.

Confortable, flexible. Everything at hand, without leaving the control task.




All the details are important. i-Box is a space designed for the comfort of people. This is a single container with the perfect size for documents and personal belongings.

ICO_Buck_Tecnico_COLTechnical Cabinet

For the most demanding environments in terms of technical equipment, ADVANTIS New Generationhas a wide range of technical cabinets that are integrated as never before in the very structure of the console to ensure direct communication with the rest of the console sectors and facilitate their integration.