Differential Items



ADVANTIS unites the four needed techniques for the organization and administration of all cabling and wiring: surface connections, Technical Service Area, Main Conduit and Trunking wiring. Maximum connectivity with maximum ergonomics and functionality.

Structural Beam

U central beam and peripheral cold rolled steel elements subjected to stringent durability tests of aesthetic finish. ADVANTIS has no limitations when it comes to combining different structures, whether straight or curved configurations, convex or concave. All accessories are designed considering a high interrelation between them to offer a wide range of products, able to satisfy all the needs of highly technological work environment.



Ventilation System

The sides and perforated doors allow ventilation of the equipment installed within the closed compartment. If necessary, ventilation could be forced by installing fans with an airflow of 925 m³ / h (220V, 50Hz). Merging the latest technology with the most innovative and high quality design, has been the key element in the ADVANTIS innovation process, reflecting the nature around us, seeking perfection in every moment and situation.

Lighting System

At the ends of each line, a LEDs lighting system is incorporated to the technical control console. The red light has a functional safety argument, and identifies the outgoings of the console. The lights identified the protrusions of the console, using the same values of passive safety.



Work Surface

High quality work surfaces for consoles and trays made of compact phenolic and subjected to stringent tests and certified by the most prestigious agencies. Available in four basic colors: white, light gray, anthracite gray and beech, offering the ability to adapt to any point in terms of design, finishes and colors need.

Closed Compartment

Structure in extruded aluminum profiles, subjected to stringent tests to international standards that ensure quality and durability over time. Multiple configurations of drawers, single, double, triple that perfectly fits any technical need.