Differential Items


Technical Personal Area

The space reserved for the personal connections of the operator. Located in the front of the structure, is absolutely customizable to fit every need. The private space is hidden under a pivoting cover with front access, avoiding cable clutter and accessories on the work surface.

Area of Operation

The workspace of the operator. Where it really takes control and starts the experience. An area of ??high quality phenolic certified by the most prestigious organizations. Antibacterial, fire resistant, high durability to achieve total control.

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Ventilation System

High quality of materials, durability, aesthetic finishes, functionality. All for a perfect ventilation of the installed equipment, meeting the most demanding requirements and with the option of incorporating fans.

Technical Compartment

High capacity, adaptability and flexibility to accommodate the necessary technical equipment. Specially designed to handle a large number of computers adn devices with special attention to the wiring system, both power and data cables and their connection to the network.

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Sides and Safety

A unique shape, made of 4mm steel plate and machined cylinders. Strong, forceful. Created to be customized with any logo or illumination. Created to make it for you. The lighting system adds aesthetic look while it has a safety function, identifying the active operation stations and identifying the protrusions of the console.

Wiring Management

It is made ??inside the lower chamber, preventing an accumulation of cables and connectors in the user’s work area. Various accessories for the proper management are incorporated into the compartment: Rejiban steel trays for carrying electric cables, voice and data, channels of aluminum or the installation of connectors and universal mechanisms.

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