Push-button | control panel

Control panel and push-button on (emergency button, rearm button, start button, etc) have the main function of control and management all kinds of systems, from production lines, power lines security systems. Through various control components, such as switches or emergency button, you can configure any design according to your project needs.

Versatility and personalization

GESAB has a wide variety of accessories to facilitate and optimize cable management and handling of all items in a control panel.

The flexibility of the system allows the design of control panels and push-button in vertical, horizontal and combined position, thus fulfilling the specific requirements of each company.

Push-button composition

The definition of the frame is key in designing a control panel comprised of push-buttons, where you have to provide it with different components and design the corresponding graphics and charts to then implement wiring installed components, such as emergency stop buttons, start push-buttons, sound elements, buttons with LEDs or LED lighting..