Do you work standing or sitting? Advantages of Sit & Stand control consoles

There are a lot of studies showing that sit all day in your job is bad for health. Some of the risks of sedentary work are back pain, diabetes and heart disease. These consequences are derived from the relationship between man and the way of working. Work all day sitting requires us to maintain a static posture for a long time. In many cases neither the chair nor the furniture allows us to vary the position, or not enough space for legs. The back has no  appropriate support and viewing the screens does not allow optimum neck posture, causing circulatory problems and musculoskeletal.

Therefore, especially in high throughput environments 24/7, it is essential to have the optimal ergonomic furniture to minimize these potential problems, specially in Command and Control Room, investing in both chairs and technical furniture to help prevent these physical disorders.

Today, many companies in Silicon Valley are already adopting these types of solutions and the results are not long in coming. Employees are more comfortable and have more energy, resulting in increased of productivity.

One of the most important recommendations is to have sit & stand  control consoles that allow alternate sitting and standing work control. This solution in the workspace prevent neck pain, back, and all the disadvantages already mentioned. The important thing is to change the position to keep the mind active and a healthy body: sit, stand, walk and avoid a sedentary lifestyle also in the workplace, avoiding being too immobile in one position and time.

Work standing at different times of the day has proven benefits:

1. Improving health: be sitting too long and therefore be in a constant physical inactivity can cause overweight, heart problems, diabetes, back pain, etc. Therefore, avoid as far as possible be sitting so long. Sit & stand control consoles offer a great solution.

2. Improved productivity: simply standing amends the attitude to the task we have to do. It gives us a sense of urgency and increased sense of energy. It creates lower levels of stress and anxiety.

3. Improving our appearance as staying too long sitting accelerates aging. Therefore improve our appearance directly affects our self esteem, our moods and therefore the perception others have of us. This improves our social and professional life.

But we can not forget that standing for too long can also backfire and generate circulatory problems, lumbar weight on knees, problems that may increase if we don´t have a good physical condition. So the best option is to allow you to alternate the sitting and standing work and be able to adapt your approach to different circumstances.

The goal is to work in a more rapid, more effective, more fun and smarter way.