KVM DeskWall

Our experience in control rooms has led us to develop a new generation of Dynamic KVM that is changing the way operators work in the entire world.

We have reinvented KVM with a revolutionary solution


The power to control

DeskWall allows for the management, administration, control of equipment and sources of information through the use of a single keyboard and a mouse in a revolutionary concept: multi-canvas. GESAB has created a new work philosophy that gives the operators the ability to generate, with absolute flexibility, a visualization space of up to 12Kh, where they can organize all of their applications, programs, displays, apps, smart apps, web services, as well as IP video, streaming, social networks and widgets.

DeskWall key features

DeskWall transforms the increasing complexity of the systems and the great amount of information into an intuitive experience. A comprehensive, customized and flexible view of multiple sources of information in order to have everything under control. Better, quicker and more efficient decisions within the control room.

Up to 12Kh

Generate a desktop up to 12 kh.


Combine multiple sources of informationand systems.


Customize any control or collaboration position.

DeskWall Share

DeskWall Share allows to visualize, share even surrendering source control.

Directo PC

Physical connection of integrated equipment enjoying an operation without latency.

Smart Mouse

Control the multi-canvas when positioned over the window.


DeskWall integrates all kinds of external devices.


Automatic restoration of the last status of the multi-canvas.

Welcome to the DeskWall world

Discover a new simple and intuitive way to manage large amounts of information from a single canvas. DeskWall offers a new workspace concept where the operator is at the centre of the action.

The best experience for the operator

The User Experience concept taken to the next level. Ergonomics, innovation and technology come together to offer the definitive work solution in control centres and critical environments. With a unique user experience, now the operator has a tool that adapts to his needs.

Enjoy the most advanced technology

DeskWall offers the possibility to configure and manage your work space in a personalised way with a multitude of functionalities designed to make the day-to-day work of the operator easier. Everything under control through a single keyboard and mouse.

Collaborative environments 24/7

Dynamic and collaborative environments, a new way of interpreting the work centres of the future. DeskWall allows to share information creating new communication standards where the operator is the main actor.

Ergonomics & Health

GESAB redefines the new standards of visual ergonomics for control rooms thanks to the Immersive Canvas. DeskWall is the technology that best adapts to the human eye.Sit in the middle of the action and enjoy a visual experience totally immersive and without distractions.


The concept of ergonomics has taken one step further. DeskWall system incorporates GESAB Health & Care smart widget, a tool that helps to improve operators health at their work place in critical environments, as well as prevent possible diseases and maintain adequate physical activity.

IT Security

GESAB has implemented all of the necessary measures to ensure security, from the system’s physical units to its software, including its management and the tools that allow the complete analysis and control of the facility. Under the Security-Enhanced Linux module, DeskWall, as a closed system, provides the necessary means to withstand the most demanding security policies.

DeskWall Manager

Discover a powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use tool to manage all the functionalities.

DeskWall Analitycs

Operational traceability, a concept that allows for the validation of procedures, protocols and actions.

Distributed Cluster

All databases are replicated, synchronized and parameterized insuring the continuity of the system.

DeskWall Monitoring

Provides information about the status of all the DeskWall network units.

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