ACTEA Slide, maximum minimalist expression

ACTEA Slide is one of the new consoles that make up the ACTEA Series, the new generation that offers the longest structural system on the market and amazing adaptability. Last generation materials and integrated technology to offer operators a unique experience.

Available in three sizes: small, medium and large, its rear technical compartment enables it to adapt to the customer’s needs and the most suitable size can be chosen depending on the level of equipment it needs to store in the consoles.

The new ACTEA Slide also has the Sit & Stand system, a solution that enables the operator to work at double height. Better ergonomics that help avoid potential injuries and maintain good health at work by creating more fun, efficient and collaborative environments.

The new Wirail Slide system enables the arms supporting the monitors to comfortably slide over the rails. Now we can locate the visual elements in their proper position, guaranteeing maximum ergonomics.

The design was the key point in the development of the entire console, with some careful finishes to the detail. The ACTEA Slide is a clear example of how we can find the fusion between technology and connectivity in minimal expression.

The KVM DeskWall digital system, developed by GESAB, was born from over 25 years’ experience of designing and executing control centres and critical spaces 24/7. DeskWall technology enables the management, administration and control of equipment and data sources through a single keyboard and mouse in a revolutionary concept: the multi-canvas of up to 12 Kh.
The union between the latest KVM technology and the ACTEA Slide console offers the operator a complete work station where they can carry out their daily tasks more efficiently and ergonomically. A new relationship that is simple and intuitive in which all the elements adapt subtly and operationally to each other.

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