Elche City Council installs data center container and micro data center

The state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure through a Container Data Center that meets the highest energy efficiency requirements and a Micro Data Center as redundant element wins the XIII ASLAN Prize for Improving Citizen Attention in Town Halls

Micro Data Center Elche

A data center with new needs: more security, redundancy and eficiency

The data center of the City Council of Elche, a town of Alicante province, had become obsolete and it did not meet the needs of the entity, so it needed to be replaced.

To carry out the project of the new data center, the council called a tender in which four different companies present their proposals, being GESAB the winner of the public concourse by presenting a novel and impressive proposal that best suited the requirements of the client presented in the specifications.

One of the biggest challengse for GESAB was finding the best location for the data center inside the building. They did not want to occupy more space than necessary and it they wanted to have two different locations to ensure the service of telecomunications in the city. It also had to be protected from floods, earthquakes and it had to have an easy access to its facilities.

Container Data Center and Micro Data Center

The solution proposed by GESAB for the new data processing center was a Container Data Center. These ISO containers allow to provide all the functionalities of a conventional data center in a lower space and acost and protect them from adverse external situations such as extreme weather conditions, earthquakes or floods, an extra security that the client was searching in this specific project. In addition, they offer great flexibility both in exterior design and in the configuration of the interior equipment and the possibility of expanding it according to needs due to its modularity.To house the large amount of data that the City Council manages every day, rack cabinets organized in three different corridors were installed, two of them hot and one cold, each with independent accesses. The exterior panels were personalized with the image of the City Council through vinyls and led lights and anti-seismic that worried the client so much and were so necessary were installed.

The container was finally placed inside the building, since they do not have enough space outside the facilities, thus achieving greater security for the data center of the council.

This main data center was complemented with a Micro Data Center composed by two rack cabinets joined together; a more economical and simple solution than adapting the facilities to the traditional style with technical floor. The client was looking for a comprehensive solution in which the basic elements of the construction of a data center were redundant.

Container Data Center Elche racks interior

Modern and technologically advanced image

GESAB was able to achieve the expectations of those responsible for the project from the City Council of Elche by offering a technologically advanced and avant-garde solution. This allows the client to obtain a more modern image and show itself to be an organization adapted to the technological advances in information management.

The extra security offered by installing a micro data center as a complement to the container and introducing this second one inside the building, despite having to re-adapt an area to install it, allowed the client to be absolutely satisfied with the final result of the project. In additio,n they mention that “I am amazed at the capacity of GESAB when it comes to building a Data Centre“.

An award-winning project

The project has presented at the XIII Edition of the ASLAN Awards on Digitalization in Public Administrations celebrated in 2021, winning the award in the category of prizes for Improving Citizen Attention in Town Halls compared to the finalist projects of the Torrevieja Town Hall and the Cáceres Town Hall.

The award was presented at the Awards Ceremony Gala within the Annual Congress organized by the ASLAN Association.

Galardon ASLAN
Ayuntamiento de Elche logo
Client: Elche City Council
Country: Spain
Sector: Public Administration
About Elche City Council: The City Council is the governing and administrative body of the Elche town located in Alicante, Valencian Community in Spain.

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Design, supply and installation of two new data center facilities.


Container Data Center and Micro Data Center

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