High-end control room in the new Control Tower of the Khalifa bin Salman Port

Height adjustable Advantis NG control consoles in the new control room in one of the most modern port in the Arabian Gulf

The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications of the Kingdom of Bahrein has developed a project of modernization and upgrade in the port general field including the need of improve the installations of the control tower to enable enhanced security surveillance and efficiency of the operations. Therefore, the client contacted area managers of GESAB to work hand on hand on the bespoke design and the work positions of the operators that will handle critical tasks like monitoring, access, dispatch and handling of the ships that come and go from the port.

Design adapted to the needs: efficiency, flexibility and high-quality

Upon a preliminary evaluation of the tasks to be carried out by the operators and supervisors on the control room, as well as a review of the space available for the implementation and handling of material, the team started working on some basic designs. Since the control room is located in a restricted space and access of the top floor of the new control tower, besides the importance of visual access to the surroundings due to the container cranes and coast have to be monitored for different types of operations, the initial designs were reviewed and corrected until the experts of GESAB had a positive feedback from the decision makers, but, most importantly, from the users themselves.

The choice taken all together, as a team, was to implement the Advantis NG high-quality control console, a personalized model which turned out to be the best solution to provide height adjustable by its Sit & Stand system for better ergonomics of the operators and the care of their health. The improved open space together with a flexible design, allowed curved shape integrated technical furniture with filing and printing cabinets that brings a more comfortable use for the operators. In addition, turrets with radios integration keep good acoustics for their daily performance.

The well-being of the operators and the proper functioning of the control room is completed with ergonomic accessories, such as the monitor arms.

A great team achieves a great result

The end users together with the staff of GESAB have achieved as a team a great solution to face their usual activities, as well as any critical unexpected situation. The high-end technical furniture fits perfectly in the circular space of the control tower and allows the visual access to the surroundings for the operators either sitting or standing and the ergonomics included, such as monitor supports, give them the flexibility to achieve a complete view of the environment.

Khalifa bin Salman Port is one of the most modern installations in the Arabian Gulf, able to handle container vessels with an efficiency that matches the most productive ports in the world. The overall performance of the port has been benefitted in terms of security, surveillance and efficiency of the operations, and GESAB team is very proud and thankful to have participated in the project.

Client: Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications – APM Terminals
Country: Kingdom of Bahrain
Sector: Maritime Transport – Port – Logistics
About Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications – APM Terminals: Khalifa bin Salman Port, which opened for business on 2009, is well positioned to be the premier transhipment hub for the Northern Gulf and under the management of private operator, APM Terminals, a global terminal operator, the port is one of the most modern in the Arabian Gulf. Its strategic location together with its deep-water berths and approach channel enables it to accept the largest oceangoing container vessel sand its direct overland links to the mainland of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia positions the port as a major regional distribution center.

Data sheet


Bespoke design, manufacturing and supply of custom control consoles for Port Control Tower.


Personalized Sit & Stand Advantis NG control consoles and ergonomic accessories


4 specialized operators

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