Update of the data center of Mexico Televisa

Background and challenges

Inside its facilities, Televisa has an area dedicated to the management of its Data Processing Center (DPC). The project involved the adaptation of the DPC to provide it with a modern and appealing look.

The place where the DPC is installed usually has people passing through it. It is an area where functionality is as important as aesthetics.


GESAB opted for a design that represents the corporate identity of Televisa, using colors and materials that put forward a strong image. A lighting system and glass room dividers were installed to provide DPC visibility from the outside. Also, for the control positions, an Advantis NG console for two operators was installed.


The final result was a modern DPC with a transparent image, in keeping with the current times and the company’s philosophy. The transparent glass room dividers allow visitors and people in general to come close and discover the futuristic looking DPC, interestingly lit in shades of blue.

The Advantis NG console perfectly solved the need for the two operator positions that were integrated into the facilities where the DPC was located. A complete design to adapt the DPC to possible visitors that would like to come close and discover the computer core of Televisa.

Client: Televisa
Country: Mexico
Sector: Telecommunication and Media
About Televisa: elevisa is a Mexican media company and one of the top players in the global entertainment industry. It is also the leading T.V. station in the Spanish-speaking world.

Data sheet


Data Center Aesthetic Adaptation and Lighting Systems


Lighting systems, Advantis NG.

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