New Container Data Center at the University of Vigo

Custom designed Data Center Container with mobile racks that facilitate space adaptability and flexibility.

The University of Vigo needed to make bigger its Data Processing Center to be able to support and hold all the information regarding students and teachers. To do this, the responsible of the project were looking for a solution to adapt the CPD that the university already had in one of its departments by adding the necessary machines.

Container CPD Universidad Vigo

After an initial audit of the facilities carried out by GESAB, it was detected that not all the machines were in good condition to add new UPS, Uninterruptible Power System, so finally those responsible for the University decided to establish a new independent data center.

GESAB’s main challenge was to find the best solution for the new data center that would occupy the least space and would be adaptable to the needs of the client.

A versatile and resistant installation

The solution that GESAB proposed to the University of Vigo was to locate the new CPD in a Container Data Center. The container structure was designed and manufactured expressly for this project since they needed a 30 feet dimensions container, which would allow them to cover their current and future needs, different from the usual dimensions that are 10, 20 or 40 feet.

One of the key points of the project was the installation of mobile rack cabinets for greater adaptability and flexibility of the space, also achieving the maximum efficiency in conditioning. The modularity of these robust structures will allow greater versatility in the future according to the needs of the University. The wiring was introduced through installed caterpillars which offers extra protection both for the cables and for the employers. Early detection and fire suppression systems from Novec were also installed.

The container, with a totally personalized design and characteristics adapted to their needs, was placed in the campus facilities outside the university buildings, so it was also possible to avoid using internal space.

Personalization to clients needs

GESAB showed, once again, its professionalism and predisposition to cover the needs requested by the client. From the beginning of the project, GESAB wanted to offer real solutions to the specific needs of the University of Vigo.

After almost a year from the beginning of the project and once the solution proposed to the university was a reality, the final result delighted the client and he was satisfied with the change of opinion from their initial idea to the one finally executed, advised by the engineers of GESAB. The installation of a Container Data Center was a success as it included the system for moving the rack cabinets customizable to the needs of the University.

Logo Universidad de Vigo
Client: University of Vigo
Country: Spain
Sector: Education
About University of Vigo: The University of Vigo is the public university of Vigo city in Galicia that has three campuses in different cities of the autonomous community.

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Design, supply and installation of a data processing center in a container.


Data Processing Center and Container Data Center.

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