New data center for Securitas Direct

Background and challenges

The client had plans to change offices and used the opportunity to develop a completely new state-of-the-art Data Processing Center (DPC). The project had to be finished on a tight schedule, and resistance issues had to be dealt with in the building’s structure.

Securitas Direct data center

The goal was to design a DPC with a technical room with the latest technology and capabilities to guarantee the system with the maximum performance and reliability possible.


A decision was made to design a project that included the latest and best technology available on the market. Regarding the DPC, it works with electricity from two 200 KVAs UPSs (expandable to 250 KVAs) with 2N redundancy spread across 4 modules of 50 KVAs each.

The Data Processing Center has climate control through an air conditioning system of precision, condensed by water with indirect freecooling and N+1 and 2N redundancy in the technical room.

Securitas Direct data processing center

The DPC’s data structured wiring assembly and the wiring installations of the whole building added up to 1,000 Km of cable. GESAB was also in charge of the fiber optics installation.

The Securitas Direct Data Processing Center and Technical Room features early fire detection as well as RF-120 fire resistance and acoustic soundproofing plates.

DPC Securitas Direct

Also, for guaranteeing maximum security of the equipment, the DPC features a steel plate 1mm thick to protect it against intrusions and the technical room is protected against impacts from vehicles.


The fact that the work was carried out side by side with the client allowed for the development of a project completely customized to meet the client’s needs. The size of the project was a challenge from the start, especially since the time to complete it was short. GESAB was able to conquer the challenge and accomplish the installation in amount the established timeframe.

Securitas Direct DPC

The weight distribution was also critical to guarantee the integrity of the building’s structure. GESAB has been assigned to carry out maintenance services for the next few years.

Country: Spain
Sector: Security
About : t is a security company with presence in 12 countries in Europe and South American. Just in Spain it provides services to more than 800,000 clients.
Potencia: 630 KVA
Espacio: 465 m2
Nivel: 2N

Data sheet


Development and Installation of a State-of-the-Art DPC and a Technical Room


71 Racks EGLON V2, alarm and liquid leakage detection systems, dust proof paint on the false floor, indirect freecooling air conditioning system.

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