SELAE Ecooling

Background and challenges

After completing the Madrid based SLT DPC upgrade, we were challenged to implement an efficient and environmentally friendly climate control system that would also have the lowest consumption possible.

GESAB studied the project to put forward a proposal that would achieve that goal. The engineering and technical teams invested their own time, resources and design to come up with a customized solution, in this case, the design of a direct Freecooling system to cool down the client’s DPC with a capacity of 180kVA.

Besides the challenge that the integration of a climate control system with great consumption saving capacity represented, we developed a “live” installation, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the services.


GESAB developed a solution based on their new Ecooling system, which, using a unit that conditions the external air through a humidity filtering, mixing and treatment process, delivers the necessary conditions to the room’s false floor. At the same time, the system expels the hot air emitted by the IT equipment through a network of extrAction air ducts distributed throughout the inside of the room, hence keeping a proper overpressure for the correct air flow.


The GESAB team developed the project efficiently and allowing for an easy transition from one system to the other, customizing the project to the client’s needs and always looking for better performance.

Moreover, the GESAB patented Frecooling system has lowered the consumption in precision climate control units from 80kW in mechanic compression mode to 14kW in consumption in Freecooling mode, thus achieving season values of 1.25 and even 1.10 in winter months.

Country: Spain
Sector: Public Administration
About : SLT stands for Sistema Técnico de Loterías (or Lottery Technical System), also known today as SELAE. It is the entity in charge of the development and the operation of lottery management systems nationwide and in some cases, at European level.
Potencia: 200 KW
PUE: 1.10 (per month)
Ahorro: 80% (per month)
Emisiones: -54% Col2

Data sheet


Integration of the GESAB patented Freecooling system for the climate control of the SLT Data Processing Center.


Complete design of the DPC climate control system through Freecooling.

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