Vidrala Group installs DeskWall for greater versatility of its control room

Vidrala Group is a spanish multinational company borned in 1965 in Llodio, Alava (Spain), dedicated to the manufacture of glass containers for the food industry. After years of growth both nationally and internationally, the enterprise needed to update the production systems control technology of the shelters of Llodio plant.

Grupo Vidrala Llodio

Modernization of the technological system of process management

The shelters are spaces placed in the factory where the production lines are protected from noises, vibrations and all the daily hustle of the plant. In these protected spaces the operators carry out the control of each signal and alert that occurs in the production of glass, which requires the technology capable of covering the global control.

Two years ago GESAB updated the systems of Veralia, the direct competitor of Vidrala, publishing the success story on the web page. This was seen by Vidrala and decided to contact GESAB to update the KVM of their control center, since it had become obsolete and too short to carry out the versatility they needed. After the first contact with the company, the team of expert engineers of GESAB listened to the needs of the client, knowing which alerts needed to control and which signals they must capture and guided them to the best possible solution for them.

In addition, they needed to implement a new control system at the Elton plant (United Kingdom), where the glass manufacturing subsidiary Encirc is located, which was acquired by Vidrala in 2015.

DeskWall installation, the GESAB dynamic KVM

The proposed system was the implantation of DeskWall, the own dynamic KVM entirely developed by GESAB for the management, administration of different information sources of the control room through a single keyboard and mouse in a multi-canvas which gives each operator the ability to generate, with absolute flexibility, a space where organize all the applications, programs and alerts.

The implementation in Llodio was done with three units of DeskWall taking advantage of the technical furniture that the company already had, while at the Elton plant two units were installed adding new monitors, to collect all the different control signals of the production line of plant.

The installation was carried out without mentionable incidents, since the slight network problems that were found were quickly solved by the facilities team of GESAB.

Vidrala Llodio

Versatility and flexibility for the future

The quickly implementation of DeskWall has enabled both production plants to take advantage of the new system since the first time. In addition, it will help the company to have greater versatility, offering the opportunity to grow in the future in case they need to control a bigger number of signals or alerts.

Vidrala trusted GESAB after the professionalism shown in the implementation of Llodio, to then request that the system be quickly available at its Encirc plant in Elton.

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Client: Vidrala Grup
Country: Spain and United Kingdom
Sector: Industrial
About Vidrala Grup: The Vidrala Group is a company dedicated to the manufacture of glass containers and whose growth has been unstoppable, incorporating the latest technological developments in the manufacture and control of finished products into its facilities.

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Design and development of DeskWall system, dynamic KVM, for the control and management of its manufacturing lines.





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