Fountainhead Control Rooms and GESAB continue their expansion in the USA with firm step


It has been over 10 years since Fountainhead Control Rooms and GESAB started working together in the USA market of control centers. Projects from various different areas like industrial sector, aerospace, electrical companies, automotive, public security entities are examples in which the partnership of the two companies has won the trust to develop impressive projects.

Jamie Clark, CEO, together with Noah White, Account Manager, of Fountainhead Control Rooms travelled to Spain to visit the facilities of GESAB in Barcelona to meet the team and see the space where the technical furniture is manufactured and assembled.

During the visit, Mr. Clark and Mr. White also attended a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) for an important project for automotive industry in the United States, which has decided to rely on the technical furniture of GESAB for the implementation of their new centers. The result of the custom designed model shows the capacity that the collaboration between Fountainhead and GESAB can reach to satisfy the most demanded requests from the side of customer.

The meetings held during the days that the FCR team was in Spain served to reach new agreements in which to reach greater American market share of control centers, such as the beginning of a process to introduce the dynamic KVM DeskWall self-developed by GESAB.

The hard work that Fountainhead Control Rooms has done during the past years has obtained the results that today FCR is one of the leading companies of the control room sector in the USA market. Currently Fountainhead is developing a new facility to house their new offices and experience center, larger and more accessible, which will be the base for the future growth of the company. The complete range of GESAB control consoles will be displayed there included the new comers Advantis Pod control console and the Meet meeting table.

The new base of Fountainhead together with its active sales work and market knowledge and the support from the high quality and innovative design of the GESAB products will be the key in the growth and consolidation of the partnership of both companies in the United States.

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