5 Tips for achieving an efficient Data Center

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The efficiency of the DPC goes beyond the PUE, the historic energy usage effectiveness indicator. We must consider numerous elements in the Data Center in order to achieve its maximum efficiency, and, in the end, it is all about optimizing the available resources. In the following lines, we present you with some tips to achieve the maximum efficiency of your Data Center.

Distributing racks properly

Full racks, as well as almost empty ones, prevent optimum cooling, How to solve this? Try to balance the space occupied in the racks. By doing this, we harmonize the power dissipated for all of the racks in a row.

Separating hot-air and cold-air hallways

This is about optimizing the cooling system to the fullest in order to avoid increases in unnecessary energy expenses. To achieve that, we must perform the proper distribution of the racks and the cooling system to reduce the amount of air coming out of the coolers by circulating air and, in consequence, use smaller devices. Reducing the amount of air means consuming less electrical power, hence, achieving certain savings in energy. There are numerous choices for enclosing DPCs that also help with equipment, such as the cold hallway enclosing system of CCNOC, which helps achieve energy savings of 20% to 30%.

Proper planning and controlling the Data Center

Using the tools at the professionals’ disposal to take precise measurements and have a comprehensive understanding of all of the systems that are part of the Data Center. Planning the capacity of our pieces of equipment, their consumption, and properly managing elements such as space, capacity, cooling or energy will be of great help. The DCIM tools can be interesting in these cases.

LED lighting

Using this technology can reduce energy costs in up to 90%, if implemented correctly. The ideal scenario would be to use LED lighting technology fed by a low voltage current integrated within the structured wiring (POE). In addition, we could install a presence sensor network.

Technical floor and structured wiring

From the DPC design phase, we must consider the amount of wiring to be installed under the technical floor. The structured wiring and feeding systems must not obstruct airflow. For that reason, during the preliminary stages, before the execution, the issue of the structured wiring must be addressed, as well as the proper composition of what will be installed in the technical floor and ceiling.

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