5 Tips for Prolonging Data Center’s Life

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Companies that have a Data Center know how important it is to keep the operation of the systems always on point, and that a failure in the data processing center could be catastrophic and cause great money losses.

Properly maintaining the Data Center is always something positive for infrastructures and companies, but there are several actions that any organization can take to prolong the life of these pieces of equipment, which are so important today for company activities.

Complete System Monitoring

It means the implementation of a comprehensive control of all systems and infrastructures. Said control can be monitored remotely, so that in the face of variations caused by a failure, the system itself provides a warning. We can control the DPC’s general status regarding: the electrogenic group, electrical network status, servers, KVM, UPS, batteries, temperature, humidification or leak of liquids among others.

Guaranteeing the Proper Operation of the Cooling System

Whichever cooling system we end up choosing for our DPC: freecooling, plenum, false floor, In Row, etc., combined with the complementary solution for that system, we must guarantee its proper operation. The possible thermal fluctuations or changes sometimes cause the systems to experience mechanical failures. In order to guarantee more stability regarding temperature, many companies are beginning to put their money into oil cooling systems.

Importance of the UPS’s Batteries

When everything else fails, batteries are the ones that provide support so that the servers’ activities continue and give us valuable time to “solve the problem”. Another tip for prolonging the DPC’s life cycle is to maintain components such as these. We must carry out a monitoring job of infrastructures such as UPSs, batteries and distribution panel.

In the case of the batteries, for which we already mentioned how important they are, we can check aspects such as energy levels, connections and monitor each cell to have an estimate of the life cycle of each of them. We already know of the dangers of having a damaged battery in the system and how the shutdown possibilities increase.

Energy Efficiency

How can we be more efficient and save money on electricity bills? An interesting proposal is to level the refrigeration capacity and the airflow of all of the air conditioning units to the needs of the environment. The idea is that all of the system’s units work together; we can also implement solutions such as hallway enclosures.


It is all about preventive maintenance. The facility of a data processing center implies a considerable investment and everything that would work towards taking full advantage of the equipment’s capacity and prolonging its life is worthwhile.

We must put our trust on not only quality systems and components, for an operating DPC, maintenance is just as important. Preventive maintenance helps us detect possible problems in the equipment and fix them before they cause any relevant failures. In addition, we can monitor its components to determine if they need to be replaced, etc.

Among the preventive maintenance tasks, we can mention comprehensive monitoring of systems such as precision air conditioning and UPSs, and of components such as circuit boards, cables, peripherals, connections and batteries, among others.

The ideal solution to carry out this kind of specialized maintenance is, in most cases, to outsource the services to a specialized company.

GESAB, a leading brand in the Data Center industry, offers its own solutions and components. Its TÜViT certified team is experienced in designing, executing and maintaining international projects.

Comprehensive solutions to deliver turnkey projects and quality maintenance services to guarantee the systems’ top performance and operations; a guarantee for the future.

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