Advantages of enclosing the cold corridors for Data Centers


The right insulation of the hot and cold corridors inside a date processing center involves an improvement in the cooling system and a way of obtaining maximum performance from it.

The improvement of the climate control systems leads to a reduction of electrical expenses, which also lowers negative impacts on the environment.

We will now mention some of the advantages of implementing this system:

  • Optimizing and reducing exploitation costs.
  • 20% – 30% reduction of energy costs, according to studies by prestigious entities such as Pacific Gas and Electric.
  • Optimizing effectiveness of climate control.
  • Reducing costs for space.
  • Reducing administrative costs.
  • Improving competitiveness and price of Housing/Hosting thanks to the reduction of costs and the increase of processing power per footprint.
  • Rack to rack flexible and modular system.
  • Reducing unnecessary overcooling costs.

Advancing in the way towards efficiency, GESAB has developed an innovative solution: CCNOC (Cold Corridor for Network Operation Center). The corridor enclosing system also allows for the incorporation of the rack shelf Eglon V2 system. In its two varieties: enclosing of the hot air corridors and the enclosing of the cold air corridors. On the one hand, the enclosing of the cold corridors manages to control the conditions of the air that enters to cool down the servers and, on the other hand, the enclosing of the hot corridor manages to provide a return feed to the high temperature CRAC units.

This solution is scalable and versatile, and it can be adapted to different configurations. Besides providing all of the aforementioned qualities, the CCNOC solution features biometric access control, RFID or remote by ID, as well as temperature, humidity and fire control among others. It also offers a 10-year warranty. A quality solution that also makes the Data Center welcoming to visitors, given that it provides an innovative and high quality image.

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