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micro data center elche

Does my company need a Micro Data Center?

To know if a company or entity needs a Micro Data Center (MDC), the first thing to be clear about is what it is and what infrastructures it is made of. A Micro Data Center is a modular solution that contains all those necessary facilities for the operation of the

Container Data Center Universidad de Vigo

Three reasons to invest in a Data Center Container

Reason nº 1: Modularity and scalability In the changing world of digital explosion where we live, one of the greatest challenges faced by a company or entity that wants to implement a Data Center, is to be correct in how to design it so that it is flexible to the

CPD Container Universidad Vigo

Container Data Center: what it is and how it can help your data center

The world of Data Processing Centers has undergone an important development in recent years around Cloud Computing, a philosophy with which the reception, storage and data analysis in large Data Centers has been centralized. The increasing amount of devices and IoT sensors (Internet of Things) generates volumes of data that

Data Center racks

Security in Data Centers

Are you aware of the risks to which your data centre is exposed? Do you know how to protect it? Every day, companies across the world are increasingly more interconnected digitally and dependent on the Internet, managing a vast amount of information, which makes it necessary to have physical space

Data Center GESAB

4 key points in a data center

Establishing a data center in a company is not a task that should be carried out lightly, so it must be known four key points so that the project can be a success. Key point 1. The importance of an adequate design When taking requirements and analyzing the needs of


Dynamic UPS vs. Static UPS

Despite performing the same functions, static UPSs and dynamic UPSs deliver different performance to our DC and its features vary greatly, as do the components that make them up.
Dynamic or rotary UPSs are manufactured with higher capacities and hig[…]

Liquid cooling, a reality?

If we talk about air conditioning in the Data Centers it is undeniable that the star is air cooling. Although there are alternatives, such as liquid cooling, many are still afraid of this system, not so new, but little implemented in the daily realit[…]

Freecooling vs Ecooling

Nowadays the cooling systems through Freecooling have emerged as an upward trend in the air conditioning installations of the DCs. These types of systems represent the only real possibility of reaching PUE values close to or below 1.2 and thus have a[…]

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